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John Aziza Family Update & Newsletter

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Newsletter contents: prophecy in the news 2018-2019 (Pt. 1), pride

Hello dear friends,

We hope all of you are well and prospering in Jesus. Spring has finally arrived! The trees are nearly fully budded and the snow has disappeared from the lower regions of the Mat-Su Valley. Last weekend we went on a fishing trip about an hour south of Anchorage to try netting the hooligan (smelt) that are now running up river from the ocean. After an hour or two of trying, we managed to net less than a quarter bucket full. The run has just begun, so it isn't too "hot" yet.

Last week, if you recall, I promised to send out a list of relevant news items spanning the course of 2018-2019. But I've decided to break up my news report into smaller chunks, rather than covering all of '18-'19 in one segment. This will help shorten my newsletter quite a bit.

I believe the news material I'm about to cover in this newsletter is extremely important. I hope that it will demonstrate the fact that we are verging on a very prophetic era, as you shall soon see. So please take the time to review the following information thoroughly and prayerfully.

PROPHECY IN THE NEWS 2018-2019 (PT. 1)

Mandatory Vaccines

"New York City orders mandatory vaccines for some amid measles outbreak" (see here, here, and here).

This is a super important story because it represents the first time that a non-exemption vaccine policy has gone into effect here in the US. According to USA Today and the Washington Post, those who do not comply with this emergency order will receive a $500 fine or up to 6 months in jail:

“Unvaccinated people living in designated ZIP codes who may have been exposed to measles will be required to receive the vaccine to protect others from the outbreak, the mayor said....Those who have not received the vaccine or do not have evidence of immunity may be given a violation...Such a violation will be considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a $500 fine or up to six months in jail.”

Now it's interesting that "anti-vaxxers" like myself are getting blamed for causing the measles. Also, it would seem that they are deliberately trying to make this a national issue: "This mandatory vaccination order is a bold step, (but) this measles outbreak is serious, both from health and statistical perspectives. It does interconnect with the anti-vaxx movement that is not just in the community, it's national and it's causing lots of problems," de Blasio said Tuesday.”

But perhaps some of you may be thinking, well, maybe this is not such a bad idea. After all, aren't vaccines supposed to prevent viral epidemics? My answer to this is yes and no. If you strictly take the science of vaccination on its own, then yes. Vaccines are meant to prevent harmful diseases and have done so effectively in the past. But if you look at the ingredients in most of our current vaccines, then no. Modern vaccines are no longer safe. In fact, they are quite deadly and are known to be the leading cause of SIDS, chronic illness, and autism, among other neurological disorders.

It is a fact that most vaccines today contain mercury (as thimerosal), aluminum, formaldehyde, human cells from aborted fetuses (babies), and many other dangerous toxins (see here, here, and here for proof). That's why there are many qualified medical doctors and even politicians like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that have publicly gone on record exposing the dangers of vaccines. For instance, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny have produced excellent documentation on the dangers of vaccines and their proven history in causing, not preventing deadly viruses. Please check out the following Youtube links to see for yourself how vaccines are killing more lives than they are saving:

Dr. Andrew Wakefield interview:

Recent Speech by Del Matthew Bigtree:

King of Vaccines Comes Clean:

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny with Dr. Tom O'Bryan:

It's interesting that throughout Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, he was boldly outspoken against vaccines (see here). But when recently questioned by a reporter on his anti-vaccine position, Trump made the following statement: "They have to get the shot. The vaccinations are so important...This is really going around now, they have to get their shot" (see here).

So why did Trump all of a sudden change his mind on vaccines and why is the government so concerned about the recent measles outbreak, which hasn't caused a single death in the US in all of 2019? Could it be that it's because we're now fast approaching the 2020 deadline set by the World Health Organization back in 2010?

You see, back in 2010, WHO along with the US government came up with an aggressive global vaccine agenda which they dubbed Healthy People 2020. According to this agenda, 90% of the world's population is supposed to be adequately vaccinated by 2020. But not only are we all supposed to be vaccinated, we're supposed to be vaccinated with many different vaccines (even new ones) on a regular monthly schedule (see here, here and here). According to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, this program will resemble the vaccine laws that have just recently begun in Argentina. Argentinians are unable to renew their driver's license or passport, and are ineligible for government healthcare unless they possess a current vaccine card showing that all of their vaccines are up to date (see here and here).

Now here's the kicker. Healthy People 2020 fully corresponds to two other agendas just like it, namely ID 2020 and UFA 2020 (Universal Financial Access). And to be honest, it's rather alarming that these programs are set to be implemented as early as the fall of 2020. [See my recent video Economic Collapse-Then Cashless Society to learn all about ID 2020 and UFA 2020.]

But I believe that mandatory vaccines are merely a trial balloon for the next phase of the Vatican's global agenda, namely injecting the world's population with an RFID tag or a microchip. Make no mistake, the first mandatory injection will lead to the final mandatory injection involving the microchip. And because the global population will be so sickened (mentally and physically) by the heavy doses of toxic vaccines, they will not be able to resist the mark of the beast agenda. This is the real motive behind mandatory vaccines and we better pray hard that we don't yield to it!

Digital Money

Last year I warned repeatedly that digital money or cryptocurrency would begin to replace cash in preparation for the coming cashless society. So it didn't surprise me when JP Morgan, the largest bank in America, announced the creation of its own digital money back in February (see here). This is the first step to fully digitizing the US dollar here in America. And again, it happens at a time when we are now approaching the 2020 deadline set by UFA 2020 (see here).

Back in 2016, the world's wealthiest business people pledged to answer the Pope's call for "broader prosperity" by drafting the current goals of UFA 2020. Their full agenda was disclosed in their letter to Pope Francis (see here). But just how do they intend to provide universal financial access to all of mankind? This doesn't seem like an easy task. Well, according to their own document, they will implement FinTech (financial technology) in the form of digital money and tokenize it for easy payment transfers between countries (see here). But make no mistake, the real goal of UFA 2020 is to be able to limit and control the movement of global populations by tracking each and every financial transaction. And this means that if you fail to comply with the new economic order that's coming, you will be shut out of the system with a single keystroke. You will not be able to buy or sell anything without first complying with Rome's mark of the beast agenda.

The Economy

In my economic collapse video, which I published back in February, I warned that Trump's tariff war with China was only set to get worse, despite conciliatory talks between Trump and Xi and the then optimistic looking economic trade agreement. I knew this was coming because of the important role China was chosen for by the IMF, namely to ensure global circulation of the IMF's digital world currency (the SDR). You see, Trump's trade war is essential for catalyzing the global economic collapse which will then trigger a full financial reset-- a cashless society. So just this week the Trump administration announced that the Trade Agreement between the US and China has officially failed and that the US will now continue to hike tariffs on all Chinese goods:

"The United States has escalated its trade war with China, hiking tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese exports hours after trade talks held in Washington failed to produce a breakthrough. Tariffs on the targeted exports increased from 10% to 25% at 12:01 a.m. ET on Friday [5/10/2019], prompting a swift rebuke from Beijing." CNN

Moments after this announcement the US stock market began to plummet sharply. But this isn't the worst of it. The new tariffs represent a significant price hike to many of our retail goods which flow directly from China (see here). Even US hog farmers are now suffering from these recent tariff hikes (see here).

Now I also warned that the retail apocalypse, covered in my video, would continue to worsen over the course of 2019, and that's exactly what's been happening: "The retail apocalypse is raging on with almost 6,000 store closings announced so far in 2019 — more than the entirety of last year" (see here).

Finally, there is the inverted yield curve indicator which has nearly always signaled an imminent economic recession. The yield curve has just recently inverted for the second time this year, as of last Thursday, May 9th (see here).


Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall (Prov. 16:18).

...for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather boast in my weaknesses that the power of Christ may rest upon me (2 Cor. 12:9).

It is no secret that us men struggle with pride and self-reliance. That's why the Bible is full of examples of God having to humble men in order to accomplish His purpose. In fact, the Scriptures indicate that God is committed to the task of humbling the proud and exalting those who are meek (Mat. 23:12). But while most of us are aware of this, we often forget the harmful consequences of pride. So let me share with you a little story of how God has dealt with me on this matter personally and use it to encourage the Body of Christ.

You see, towards the end of our stay in New Zealand, I was invited to preach a sermon at an Anglican Church in Cheviot. This invitation was extended to me after I met the pastor of this Church and dialogued with him on the subject of prayer and "breaking" into God's presence. Now I didn't feel particularly intimidated by this invitation because I've preached on the subject of prayer a number of times before. But sadly, while the subject of my sermon was prayer, I must confess that I didn't bother preparing for this sermon with earnest prayer as I should have. And instead, I moved ahead with an unhealthy degree of self-confidence.

Well anyway, my sermon started out normal enough and I progressed through my points as well as expected before something really strange happened. I was suddenly overcome by an overwhelming wave of sickness. In fact, I felt so sick and nauseous that I was certain I would faint right there in front of the entire congregation. The feelings of sickness were so intense that I momentarily contemplated excusing myself to walk out of the Church where I could faint safely on the grass. Then a thought came to me--take authority over satan and tell him to leave in Jesus' name. So I did that (quietly in my mind) and immediately the attack ceased and I was back to myself again.

However, while I recovered quickly enough and my struggle may not have been so obvious, it was still bad enough to leave me feeling quite embarrassed. Not only that, my wife later informed me that my face had gone stark white. She wasn't sure what had happened to me and why.

Anyway, this episode taught me an important lesson. Never imagine that you can handle the ministry God gives you on your own. And never try to carry out a spiritual work on behalf of God's Kingdom without fully relying on the Lord for support. If we try to handle God's work in the "arm of the flesh" (self-confidence), we leave ourselves wide open to failure. So it's good to be reminded of the fact that we are always needy for God's grace in whatever we do. The opposite of this attitude is pride and self-reliance, in which case the following warning applies: "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall" (1 Cor. 10:12).

In conclusion, I guess I want to really encourage us men to walk in transparency and humility with each other. Don't wait for God to humble you in the sight of all. Start now by confessing to others your weaknesses and failings (Jam. 5:16). Remove the armor plating of superficial airs and allow yourself to walk in humility before God and men. Remember, if we humble ourselves before others, God will not have to do it for us: "Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time" (1 Pet. 5:6-7).

Well, that's all for now....

Love in Christ,

John A.

P. S. I'm still working on completing my mark of the beast video relating to Revelation 13 and hope to have it finished soon.

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