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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As I watch the thousands of military troops converging on the US capitol, I am reminded of a dream that I had back in December of 2018. In my dream, former president Barack Obama was addressing a large crowd of people from behind a podium. He confidently announced that 2021 would be the year of destruction and then proceeded to explain the significance of the number 21 because of how it broke down into three sevens.

Some time after this dream, I watched a clip on Youtube with the former head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, describing how 2014 was to be a magical year because it broke down into two sevens ( She made a big deal of numerology and the number seven and I feel the Lord had me stumble across that video in order to reaffirm the dream and spotlight the number 21.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I feel I now know why I saw Obama in my dream. His face was symbolic for the Democrats taking power in 2021. And it was also symbolic for the coming Biden presidency, since Biden was VP under Obama. But the fact that this will be a year of destruction is no longer even a secret. This truly will be the year that marks the END of America as we know it. Going forward, freedom of thought, movement, and expression will be extremely restricted, and you can count on that. Our civil liberties are now gone, destroyed by a fabricated pandemic.

This fact was further cemented into my mind as I was watching the shocking images of our nation's capitol being invaded and vandalized by “protesters”. I could almost hear the Lord saying: “Behold your house is left to you desolate America” (Mat. 23:38).

But you see, what we need to realize is that America has come to this dire place simply because of our sin. Our heinous and ever accumulating sin has now filled God's cup of judgement to the very brim. Had we repented with genuine remorse and turned back to God with changed lifestyles--as evidence of that remorse-- we may have managed to avert this boiling point of judgement. But alas, we didn't...

Dear Christian, are you prepared for this deeply dramatic year? If not, time to get down to the essentials of your Christian Faith. Time to look hard at whether or not you are actually following the commandments of Scripture. Or whether or not your present walk in this world qualifies you for eternity. Forget looking to your pastor or others for the answers, and instead dig deeper than ever into God's Word, the only source of TRUTH. That is my sincere encouragement to all of you. Prepare wisely for the end of days!

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