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John Aziza Family Update & Newsletter 3/08/2020 SITUATION SUPER CRITICAL!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Newsletter contents: family news, dramatic current events and how to prepare

Greetings friends!

As usual, we hope all of you are well and prospering in Jesus.

Since the last update I sent out so much has happened that it's hard to know where to begin. For starters, the remainder of 2019 was a blessed season for our family and we greatly enjoyed the summer months. I had a banner year of fishing and was able to stock up our freezer with over 80 salmon, much of which we had smoked or turned into jerky so as to share with relatives and friends. It was also a year of deep spiritual reflection and seeking God for clarity and direction. I didn't do much with ministry up until the last few months because most of 2019 and the first month or so of this year has required my attention on matters that I'm not presently free to disclose. But let me say this much, God has been faithfully answering our prayers and we are watching Him perform some amazing and wonderful miracles on our behalf. We feel incredibly blessed! Also, in case some of you don't follow us on FB, my wife and I are expecting our 6th son any day now. We have chosen the name Samuel Adoniram Aziza. Samuel was both priest and prophet in Israel and knew how to hear God's voice. Adoniram Judson, whose first name we have adopted for our son's middle name, was a dedicated missionary to Burma for nearly forty years. He was also a man of much prayer.


There is no need for me to go into great detail about the news events of the past few weeks. I'm sure all of you are fairly aware of the recent coronavirus crisis and the increasingly dramatic events surrounding it. But I do want you to know what's behind this recent pandemic (the agenda) and what you should expect in the coming months. And then, most importantly, how you can prepare for it spiritually, financially, and physically.

Now as most of you already know, I have been warning about the calamities that would soon strike this nation for the past 5 years. I started sending out these newsletter warnings in the late summer of 2015. At that time and in the years following, the Lord continued to impress deep into our spirit the impending disasters that would soon strike this nation and the world. He spoke to us primarily through dreams and several prophecies that came to us from some of our trusted Christian contacts within the Russian community. As a result, we began to warn those around us. So what did we warn about? We warned about the advance of the New World Order. Of the coming increase and intensification of natural disasters. We warned about the economic meltdown that was fast approaching. About the rise of the antichrist (Jesuit pope Francis) to global prominence. And we warned about the approach of the great tribulation and the mark of the beast. Did we have a complete panorama view of the entire picture as it would unfold? Absolutely not. Were we always perfectly accurate in all of our suspicions and predictions? No. But did we hear and heed God's warnings? Indeed, we did. And out of deep concern and love for the Church, we passed those on to you, our friends and loved ones.

Last year, as I was increasing the frequency of my newsletters, a few of our friends began to turn on me. They expressed their doubts about my "prophetic" warnings and dreams and went so far as to accuse me of being a false prophet who was misleading people with my "gloom and doom" predictions. I learned from a dear Brother living in Lancaster PA that I was regarded by some as a cult leader looking to start a "new movement". Needless to say, it was very painful and I struggled to continue in my ministry efforts on account of the heavy cloud of opposition. But the Lord continued to comfort and encourage us in our efforts, always affirming the message of preparedness for the calamities ahead. At the same time, I don't want to neglect mentioning the encouragement, love, and support we felt from a large segment of our friends who stuck by our side and continued to believe in what the Lord was showing us. And of course, we are deeply grateful to you for that.

But friends, I want you to realize something very important. According to the Bible, the mark of a false prophet is that he promises people peace, safety, and security when calamity is about to strike. A true prophet, however, discerns the coming of God's judgment from a relative distance and warns God's people to prepare. I do not say that in a self-serving way. And up until now I have never claimed to be a prophet, though I strongly believe in the prophetic. But I would like you to know that we were not among those who had been heralding good times to come when judgment was at the door.

Now why do I say all of this now? I want you to realize that the situation facing us presently is much more grave than what many believe and it will get markedly worse over the next few months. In fact, this pandemic is meant to get worse in order to provide government bodies with the pretext necessary for implementing some extremely significant agendas before the end of this year. I will set out to prove this to you in the following sections so that there remains no doubt in your mind as to the veracity of my assertions. But first, allow me to put it to you plainly. The Wuhan coronavirus (aka COVID-19) is all about meeting the deadline for three very important programs that I already mentioned in my previous emails, namely Healthy People 2020, ID 2020, and UFA 2020. I urge you to watch my most recent YouTube video which covers these three programs extensively and deciphers the biblical mark of the beast here.

You see, as I spent the remainder of last year watching the issue of mandatory vaccines ramp up in the mainstream media I began to realize that the government would be acting quickly to eliminate all vaccine exemptions before the end of 2020. And I knew this was directly tied to the primary objective contained in the guidelines of Healthy People 2020--the systematic vaccination of 90% of the world's population--created a decade ago. What I never imagined was that they would use a single crisis event to bring about the completion of these three agendas simultaneously.

But before I go on any further, I must ask you to bear with me as I lay the foundation for the following points. Because unless we address the fundamentals of this issue you will fail to recognize the grand agenda, the motive behind it, and the process by which it will be carried out, which is extremely important. Nevertheless, I will do my best not to be redundant and to present new information and evidence. So here we go:

Note: The below information is extremely pertinent to Bible prophecy and the future of the Church.

1. Very few of the world's governments are still autonomous (independent acting) and those that are, are now under siege by the broader "global community".

2. Most of the governments in the world are working in concert with each other to carry out a singular agenda, which has come to be known as the New World Order.

3. These governments are controlled from the top by a very powerful group of men at the Vatican (see here).

4. The New World Order was in the making for many centuries but God's timing and the lack of adequate technology impeded its progress.

5. With the help of the latest technologies, the time has come for the New World Order to forge ahead.

6. The beast of Revelation 13 must have his kingdom first before God establishes His.

So those are the basic fundamentals of this issue and now I will set out to provide compelling evidence in support of the above conclusions. But it will be up to you to decide whether or not my evidence is compelling enough and lines up with Bible prophecy.

Prior to the coronavirus crisis, I was working diligently on expanding my Jesuit expose (article) to include irrefutable evidence and documentation concerning the Vatican's involvement in every major war, social uprising, and secular revolution of the past 500 years [see my revised version here]. Until I undertook this research, I didn't realize the extent to which the Vatican has had its hands in global politics. For instance, I didn't realize that China was infiltrated by the Jesuits less than forty years after the Order's inception and that the Jesuit Matteo Ricci was the first European to enter the forbidden city of Beijing to become personal advisor to Chinese Emperor Zhu Yijun (see here). Indeed, I had no idea the Jesuits played such a prominent role in Chinese politics for hundreds of years until very recently.

Now fast forward to our modern day and the most recent war in Syria, and we find a Jesuit somehow involved here also. Consider the fact that the Syrian revolution of 2011 was instigated with the help of a Jesuit priest by the name of Paolo Dall'Oglio, who was later exiled by the Syrian government as a result of it. Notice this wikipedia excerpt:

"Father Paolo Dall'Oglio (born November 17, 1954) is an Italian Jesuit priest and peace activist. He was exiled from Syria by the government in 2012 for meeting with members of the opposition[1] and criticizing the actions of the Syrian government during the Syrian civil war."[2] (see here)

I also didn't realize that John Adams (2nd US president) and Thomas Jefferson (3rd US president) exchanged letters with each other expressing their grave concern over the infiltration of the Jesuits into American politics and the possibility that they would eventually tamper with our voting system. And I didn't have a clue that these history altering exchanges between two of America's most prominent founding fathers are actually available to the public via the national archives of the library of congress (an online database owned by the US government). Notice:

“I do not like the late resurrection of the Jesuits. They have a General, now in Russia, in correspondence with the Jesuits in the U.S. who are more numerous than every body knows. Shall We not have Swarms of them here? as many Shapes and disguises as ever a King of the Gypsies, Bamfied More Carew himself, assumed? In the shape of Printers, Editors, Writers School masters etc. I have lately read Pascalls Letters over again, and four Volumes of the History of the Jesuits. If ever any Congregation of Men could merit, eternal Perdition on Earth and in Hell; according to these Historians though like Pascall true Catholics, it is this Company of Loyola. Our System however of Religious Liberty must afford them an asylum. But if they do not put purity of our elections to a severe trial, it will be a Wonder.” John Adams ( 2nd President of the United States, correspondence with Thomas Jefferson May 6, 1816) Note: This quote was pulled directly from the US government's national archives at the library of Congress which serves the United States Congress. It can be found by clicking here:

“…I know nothing of the history of the Jesuits you mention in 4. vols. Is it a good one? I dislike, with you, their restoration; because it marks a retrograde step from light towards darkness. We shall have our follies without doubt. Some one or more of them will always be afloat. But ours will be the follies of enthusiasm, not of bigotry, not of Jesuitism.” Thomas Jefferson ( 3rd President of the United States, correspondence with John Adams Aug. 1, 1816) Note: This quote was pulled directly from the US government's national archives at the library of Congress which serves the United States Congress. It can be found by clicking here: “My History of the Jesuits, is in 4. Vol: in twelves, under the Title of Histoire Generale de la naissance et des progres, de la Compagnie de Jesus, et l’analyse de ses Constitutions et Ses Privileges. printed at Amsterdam in 1761. The Work is anonymous; because, as I suppose, the Author was afraid as all the Monarchs of Europe were at that time, of Jesuitical Assassination. The Author however Supports his Facts by authentic Records and known Authorities which the Public may consult. This Society has been a greater Calamity to Mankind than the French Revolution or Napoleons Despotism or Ideology. It as obstructed the progress of Reformation and the Improvement of the human Mind in Society much longer and more fatally.” John Adams ( 2nd President of the United States, correspondence with Thomas Jefferson Nov. 4, 1816) Note: This quote was pulled directly from the US government's national archives at the library of Congress which serves the United States Congress. It can be found by clicking here: “Can a free Government possibly exist with a Roman Catholic Religion?” ( 2nd President of the United States, correspondence with Thomas Jefferson May 19, 1821) Note: This quote was pulled directly from the US government's national archives at the library of Congress which serves the United States Congress. It can be found by clicking here:

Lastly, I did not realize that the official report created by Abraham Lincoln's administration concluded that Rome was directly responsible for the assassination of the late US president. This report was completed by Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris who was commissioned by Lincoln's government to investigate the late president's assassination. According to Harris, the Vatican was fully responsible for the murder of Lincoln. Harris published his findings in his book Rome's Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. (see here:

You see friends, you aren't supposed to know all of the above and you will certainly not learn about it in your standard history text books. We aren't supposed to know that our current president and vice president are Jesuit coadjutors and that the current administration is teeming with Roman Catholic Jesuits (a fact I proved in a previous newsletter). And we aren't supposed to know that both China and the US are heavily Vatican controlled and are presently working together to bring about the Pope's supreme rule, hence the coronavirus crisis. So it is imperative for all of us to understand that the powers that be cannot be trusted to care for our wellbeing because they are mere pawns and sellouts to Rome.

The reality is that the two party system that exists in America is a farce meant to convince the American people that they have choice. That is all. But both of these parties are working at the behest of the papacy and playing a well-scripted drama for the sake of the American people. Most recently, this was demonstrated in the theatrical fiasco of Trump's impeachment. The jesuit card that was played there is best described thus: "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Trump was under fire by the enemies of conservative evangelical America--the democrats. This had the intended effect of polarizing conservative evangelicals around the president. Why? Because it would best suit the Vatican's agenda to implement martial law in America when the public is most trusting of their president and unsuspecting of any conspiracy. It best suits the Vatican to create a draconian/Orwellian society without the threatening implications of a mass public pushback by Protestant evangelical America.


It is no coincidence that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan China. Consider the economic significance of this area:

1. 94% of the Fortune 1000 companies are heavily reliant on imports from Wuhan (see here)

2. 1 million companies globally have part of their supply chain in Wuhan (see here)

3. Among the top ten companies that are most Wuhan import reliant are mega giants such as Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Dole Foods, etc

4. A good portion of our pharmaceuticals and automotive parts are also sourced from this region.

So what does this mean? Folks, a more devastating *global* economic crisis could not have been better contrived. And that is why we are seeing such unprecedented and historic drops in the stock market at present. In fact, just yesterday the DOW dropped more than 2000 points, its greatest single day drop in history (see here). So we must begin to prepare ourselves for the first supply and demand shock in modern history (see here).

Of course, there was a long run up to all of these recent events, which was meant to contribute to the eventual failure of the entire system. For instance, the economy was already under tremendous pressure due to Trump's trade war with China and the Fed's massive inflationary policy. But I believe that the coronavirus is the final lynch pin to topple the global economy.

So why are they doing this to the global economy? Simply for one reason. A global digital currency [which is the goal] can only replace the dollar once the dollar collapses and that's the intention. But between point A. and point B. there will be a temporary digital dollar like the Fed Coin to function as an intermediary--at least according to famed economist Doug Casey (see here). So I suspect these new financial measures might be announced later this summer or early in the fall.

But make no mistake, we are definitely witnessing the greatest global economic meltdown in modern history. However, don't be surprised if it's an ongoing process that will span the rest of this year and most of next year also. As it stands, with lots of artificial stimulus, the global economy can still hobble and wobble and sway and teether for many more months before the actual bottom gives out and a new financial system is implemented (forced upon us). What I believe will follow next is that the FED will artificially sustain the system the rest of the year with multiple rate cuts [to the US interest rate/Federal Funds Rate]. In fact, I'm pretty sure you will see what looks like a market recovery every time the FED steps in with a rate cut, which will excite debt driven lenders (like a temporary high). Now why are they doing this? Simply for the reason that they want to eventually lower the US interest rate to well below zero. This negative interest rate policy was recently implemented in Europe by the ECB (European Central Bank). And I'm pretty sure that America will be seeing negative interest rates by the fall. Of course, many Trump supporters with a background in financial markets have been scratching their head as to why President Trump has been aggressively calling for negative interest rates [and even more so just recently] (see here). This in spite of the dire warnings that came from JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon and Trump's top financial advisor Larry Kudlow, both of whom said that such a policy "woun't end well" and that it's "really bad" (see here and here). But you see, Trump knows the agenda well and he wants negative interest rates because it means you and I will be charged hefty fees for keeping our money at the bank... which will inevitably create bank runs... an immediate disruption to the money supply.... and the further deterioration of the system....which is the end goal.

Here are some recent facts to consider in respect to UFA 2020 and the Vatican's agenda for digital money:

1. FB is set to unveil the Libra digital coin along with the Calibra digital wallet sometime this year (see here).

2. China and Russia will pretend to view the Libra as a threat and counteract it by releasing their own state issued digital money. China already announced this would happen (see here).

3. The US Government will pretend to view these new economic changes as a serious threat to the primacy of the US dollar (see here). They will act on this "threat" by releasing their own central bank digital coin for public transaction (the fed coin), effectively replacing paper currency. Notice this recent headline from CNBC: Calls for a US ‘digital dollar’ rise as China powers ahead with a digital yuan

Note: Preparations for this are already underway with the new cryptocurrency regulations framed in the Cryptocurrency Act Of 2020, passed in December of last year.

Note: Philadelphia Federal Reserve bank president Patrick Harker has recently said that it's “inevitable” for the central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve, to start issuing digital currency (see here).

4. There *WILL* be a global economic collapse either right before or right after this event, as is happening now. Note: Mark Carney (head of the British Central Bank) strongly hinted as much only a few months ago at their meeting in Jackson Hole Wyoming (see here).

5. The IMF will then move in to rescue the world economy with a digital SDR, also according to British central banker Mark Carney (see here).

So is it really coincidence that the coronavirus has been fueling hysteria about passing paper money around since it could transmit the virus? Is it coincidence that China is currently incinerating a huge amount of the cash that was circulating in Wuhan (see here)? Hardly. And it's no mistake that the World Health Organization has just recently issued a warning about paying in cash or handling paper currency as the virus continues to spread (see here and here). Or that the Fed is now quarantining cash in order to fight the spread of the coronavirus (see here). Yet even now the public is being urged to use less cash and transact electronically instead (see here). Again, this is simply no coincidence. Therefore we must not doubt the trajectory of the global economy and its ambitious quest for digital money.


The Vatican's globalist agenda has always operated upon the following formula: problem = reaction = solution. So what does this mean? The coronavirus is the problem for which the reaction, global panic, will allow governments to introduce a vaccine as the only solution. Remember, 2020 was the year chosen by the World Health Organization [back in 2010] to begin vaccinating up to 90% of the global population (according to Healthy People 2020). So it shouldn't surprise us that this virus will be used as the vehicle to carry out this program across the entire world. Notice also that currently there are a lot of promises for a COVID-19 vaccine to be cleared by the CDC and the FDA as soon as possible (see here).

Note: To learn why the government is pushing for 90% of the globe to be vaccinated by the end of 2020, please watch my latest YouTube video which covers the guidelines and agenda within Healthy People 2020 by clicking here.


Friends, make no mistake, the current pandemic is going to be used to implement martial law right here in America within only a few weeks--at the most. In fact, it's already being implemented in soft forms all across the US. But no worries, the government will not declare martial law, they will just enforce it at their discretion and the public will lie down and accept it. Why? Simply because much of America has an underlying loyalty to the current president--"the champion of the Christian Faith". The Jesuits have spent much of the last three years of Trump's presidency socially engineering the public so that they will not question anything Trump does because he is a "Christian president" and a "friend of the church". By in large, they have succeeded at this. And that's precisely what's so alarming.

So how will they implement martial law? Simple. They will restrict international travel, ground airlines, and close off borders, as they are doing right now. Whole entire countries like Italy and Israel are under lockdown (see here and here). They will force the public into quarantine, even entire cities and towns. Schools across the US will shut down and so will many businesses. They will discourage people from meeting in Churches and other public places because it is a dangerous transmission hazard. They will forcefully remove people from their homes and detain them in quarantine isolation centers [on military bases]. Some of this has already begun (see here). In fact, just recently a large neighborhood block in California was quarantined by a fleet of policemen. Residents were not even allowed to stick their heads out of their doors or windows while policemen ordered them inside their homes via bullhorns. Notice:

"Rocklin, CA – Dozens of law enforcement officers swarmed a residential neighborhood in Placer County on Thursday and enforced a quarantine order on the entire block. 'Head back inside,' a sheriff’s deputy ordered residents via loudspeaker when people started poking their heads out to investigate the chaos happening on their street on March 5, KMAX reported. Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies and Rocklin police officers wearing protective gloves shut down the street as a sheriff’s department helicopter buzzed overhead." (see entire news article here)

But somehow I have a strong hunch that the lockdown measures and quarantine orders now being implemented will eventually discriminate against Christian business owners and be used to fine or even permanently shut down Christian businesses. Therefore my advise to those of you operating a business is this: Be prepared for quarantine laws, and don't give the government any excuse whatsoever to step in and shut you down as this crisis worsens.


Friends, make no mistake. The Vatican is preparing the world for the reign of the antichrist pope Francis. And with the help of the latest technology and the perfect crisis, they will advance their New World Order agenda. This is a certainty simply because the Bible has prophesied it. And if you doubt that the world's governments are in lockstep with the Vatican, please take the time to read my newly revised articles on the Jesuit Order, the antichrist, and Mystery Babylon, available in the articles section of my website under the prophecy subheading. All three articles have been recently revised and expanded to include much more information and evidence to back up my assertions here. You can also visit my YouTube channel and watch my prophecy series on Rome or the videos I published on the cashless society and the mark of the beast.

So how should we prepare?

Spiritual Preparation

As we all know, the very best way to prepare for any crisis is to be right with God. If your life is not reflecting the instruction and teachings contained in God's Word then I hope this newsletter will scare you silly. I really mean that and make no qualms about it. I hope you will run to Jesus and repent earnestly and genuinely because time is short and the days ahead will determine your eternal destiny. So please get your life in order dear Brother or Sister. Cleanse yourself from worldliness, materialism, and carnality and deeply examine your spiritual walk for flaws and sin habits. Develop a lifestyle of prayer and intimacy with Jesus. Cry out to the Lord NOW for the infilling of the Spirit and the spiritual gifts [you will need every one of them]. Seek to spend quality time with the Lord daily. Set aside time to really weep before Him in prayer. Do you have a burden for the lost around you? Are you praying for revival in America and the salvation of souls? These are good indicators of your spiritual health. If you are indifferent and numb to this message then there is something very wrong with you spiritually. Don't take it lightly. If you humble yourself before God, He can change you. Don't despair, there's always hope. So clean up your act and get right with God.

Note: Please watch this 5 minute video sermonette by David Wilkerson which summarizes well my above spiritual advise. It is truly a powerful and compelling message that leaves me weeping almost every time I play it:

Now the good news is this. There will come upon America one final wave of revival before the great tribulation begins and the age of grace closes. I don't know the full scope and size of it all, but I know it will happen. And it will come in the midst of great hardship and pain. I have been praying for it and I know the Lord will not disappoint. He has assured me that it will come. And so I have great faith and boldness in this promise. In the weeks ahead there will be lots of opportunities to spread the Gospel hope to those stricken with the virus or terrified of catching it. Not to mention those who may lose their jobs or businesses due to this pandemic and its economic implications. So exploit these opportunities for God's Kingdom and use your social media presence to spread hope to your friends and loved ones and to urge repentance.

Physical & Financial Preparation

As far as the physical and financial planning for this virus, I deeply encourage you to fast and pray for guidance. The Lord has a special plan for each of us in these last days. My family is preparing ourselves financially to leave this country and move south the moment the smoke clears. We are confident the Lord will continue to bless us and protect us as long as we abide in His perfect will. He has promised to make a way of escape for all those who sigh and weep over the abominations committed in this land and He will certainly keep that promise (Ez. 9:4). Also, we still have a vision for a community in NZ and look forward to networking with some of you toward that goal.

Now as far as the health implications of this virus, I would encourage you to treat it like any other flue, cold, or infection. Eat lots of raw organic garlic throughout the day since it's high in allicin, an organosulfur compound known for its powerful antiviral activity. Drink extra water to flush out toxins. Avoid eating sugary pastries, deep fried fast foods, and chemical laden snacks [or otherwise] since they will make your body acidic and prone to sickness. Take a pure, therapeutic grade essential oil known for its antiviral properties such as clove. Our family obtains our essential oils from here, a trusted source for certified organic essential oils. Get a good source of pure elderberry syrup to strengthen your immune system and that of your children. And take a half teaspoon of pure baking soda dissolved in water before breakfast each morning to alkalize your system and neutralize your body's pH, which has been shown to suppress the ability for the virus to spread in our system (see here and here). If you do get the virus, increase the amount of baking soda you take as shown in this video. Remember, healthy people rarely get sick.

Lord bless you!

"Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth" (3 John 1:2).

P.S. Those of you who receive my newsletters may benefit from following me on Facebook also. I post quite frequently to my FB account. My account can be found by typing my name John Aziza into the FB search bar. My posts are generally public, but if you don't see much you might have to send me a friend request.

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