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My desire in putting together this website is to teach God's people the fundamental doctrines of the Christian Faith long lost to the modern church. These essential convictions governed the lifestyle and conduct of first century Believers and produced heroic Saints who were not only ready to surrender their lives for the Faith, but also capable of defending the truth and preserving a godly testimony in the midst of unbridled paganism.

I hope that my teachings will bring some measure of rationality to mainstream Christianity and provoke Christians to study the Bible for themselves, rather than conveniently 

adhering to every dogma disseminating from the pulpit.

The Bible is the only pure source of truth. Preachers and teachers are, at best, merely representatives of that truth. Therefore we consider this standard to apply to the content of this website just as equally as anywhere else. As such, it's my aim to interpret the Bible employing logical rhetoric derived from spiritual meditation and sincere prayer rather than the trending philosophy of our time and emotionalism. 


Like Apostle Paul who reasoned by the Scriptures, my primary recourse is to do the same when defending my beliefs. Also, I do not hesitate to stray from "orthodoxy" when feeling traditional interpretations are errant. As you peruse my articles, may you be blessed and encouraged. Feel free to contact us in order to voice your encouragement, disagreement, or suggestions. Most of all, I hope you are provoked to search the Scriptures for yourself to see if the things written herein are really true. The absolute worst thing we could do is just take someone else's word regarding doctrinal issues, even mine. 



I am an ordinary Christian Brother with a Jewish background (born and raised in Israel) and a member of the New Testament Body of Christ. I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since 2007. I do not write on behalf of any denomination since I am non-denominational. All of my articles are based on my interpretation of the Word of God, and are not reflective of the "institutional church". While I'm mostly Pentecostal/Anabaptist in theology, I distance myself from the practices and traditions of any such groups.


I am married to my beautiful wife Malvina and aspire to be a godly father to my eight wonderful children, Emmanuella, Nathaniel, Daniella, Raphael, Joseph, Samuel, David, and Eliyana (some of which are not pictured in the above outdated photo). 


The following Youtube video contains my full personal testimony of how and why I came to saving Faith in Jesus. I hope it blesses and encourages you to let Jesus transform your life and use you to make a real and lasting impact on the world around you.

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