Our Vision


 In the fall of 2015, we began to feel a prompting in our spirit that something big was beginning to unfold in the spiritual realm. At the same time, our family was also experiencing a severe season of testing. Our family business was collapsing and our second to youngest daughter was going through a health crisis. To make matters worse, we were under investigation by the Child Protective Services because we couldn’t afford to make our regular checkups with our pediatrician. Yet through this trial the Lord began visiting us in our dreams and speaking deep things regarding the current times and the future events that would transpire just around the corner. The Lord showed us that great judgment would descend upon America and the West, and that persecution of the Church would commence in earnest very shortly.  As He began revealing these things, His plan for our family began to unfold and we were lead to move out of the U.S and relocate in the country of New Zealand, right at the very bottom of the Southern Hemisphere. 


Before making the move, we discussed these matters with like-minded Believers. Many of our friends took a profound interest in our call to leave America and the warnings of imminent judgment. It wasn’t long before the events we saw in our dreams began to materialize in real life. Particularly, a sharp increase in natural disasters, the progression of globalism, and the implementation of the mark of the beast. These things continue to be front page headline news in America.


Brethren, we’re living in a very unique season. Soon there will be sharp and widespread persecution of Believers in America and the rest of the “free world”. And the judgment events that we have witnessed unfolding, will only increase in intensity like birth pains upon a woman in labor (Mat 24:8). So how should God’s people prepare? No doubt the first and best line of defense is spiritual preparedness. We ought to begin crying out to God for more of His Spirit in our lives and a greater degree of sanctification and spiritual intimacy, so we don’t appear like the five foolish virgins at His Coming (Mat 25:1-13). But physical preparedness is also important. Many of God’s children need to prepare to flee just as Christ warned (Mat 24:16). There is coming a time when American Christians will have to consider the possibility of leaving America in order to escape the “hour of trial” just now beginning. So this is the foundation of our vision. To be ready for what lies ahead both spiritually and physicallyFor this reason, we are motivated to help God’s people prepare for the future in both of these ways. One of the physical features of our vision is to set up a Christian community in a remote country outside the US. A country with a warm climate and lots of natural resources will be ideal for this objective. In this way we can subsist off the land without fear of relying on the conventional system for survival once the cashless society is upon us. We are not proposing living in a communal setting where there is a common purse and a non-ownership policy, which we feel is unscriptural. Neither are we proposing cult isolation and exclusivity. Rather we are looking forward to forming a free and vibrant community where Believers can live in close proximity, work together, share with each other and above all, enjoy intimate fellowship on a daily basis. Such a close knit lifestyle will be essential for surviving the Tribulation period soon coming. This is our vision and the burden of the hour that God has placed upon our heart. Currently, we are working toward that goal and have several families interested in joining us and investing into this effort. We see ourselves as pioneers in this endeavor and look forward to prayerfully enlisting other families and individuals as the Lord directs and brings this vision to fruition. If you would like to contribute to our efforts or feel called to join us in this work, feel free to contact us. We are looking ahead to what the Lord has in store for His people in the coming days.

9/5/2020 UPDATE: Our family is currently feeling a call to move to either Samoa or American Samoa in our quest to accomplish the aforementioned vision for Christian community.


In Christ alone,
John, Molly, & family