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The following section deals with the significance of the UPC barcode in relation to Revelation 13:18 and the mark of the beast. We believe that the UPC's coding system contains the default number value of 666 in every individual barcode. And that this coding system and the way the computer reads it underlies the identification system in all other scannable devices including the implantable RFID microchip. RFID microchips are now exploding in popularity and are set to soon replace cash currency and physical I.D.'s. Please read the below section taken from George J. Laurer's (UPC developer) website to see for yourself how the UPC design and coding system adds up to 666, the biblical number of the beast/antichrist.


QUESTIONS about the U.P.C. and the New Testament

Taken from George J. Laurer's website (Developer of the UPC)



Section 6 Question #1 - Rumor has it that the lines (left, middle, and right) that protrude below the U.P.C. code are the numbers 6,6,6... and that this is the international money code. I typed a code with all sixes and this seems to be true. At least they all resemble sixes. What's up with that? 11/11/98

Answer- Yes, they do RESEMBLE the code for a six. An even parity 6 is:

1 module wide black bar
1 module wide white space
1 module wide black bar
4 module wide white space
There is nothing sinister about this nor does it have anything to do with the Bible's "mark of the beast" (The New Testament, The Revelation, Chapter 13, paragraph 18). It is simply a coincidence like the fact that my first, middle, and last name all have 6 letters.

I am sorry, but as of November 2000,
I will no longer respond to questions about the U.P.C. and the New Testament




George J. Laurer

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