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Global Mandatory Vaccines and Elevated Lockdowns Now Here!

"Austria on Friday became the first Western democracy to announce that it would mandate Covid vaccinations for its entire adult population as it prepared for a nationwide lockdown starting Monday. ...The extraordinary measure by Austria, which only days ago separated itself from the rest of Europe by introducing a lockdown for the unvaccinated, who are driving a surge of infections, made for another alarming statement about the severity of the fourth wave of the virus in Europe, now the epicenter of the pandemic." The New York Times

As we approach the new year, countries around the world are now experiencing the next phase of the globalist agenda. For instance, Austria just became the first European nation to impose a mandatory vaccination policy across its adult population while simultaneously entering their fourth national lockdown. Beginning February 1, 2022, those without the COVID jab in that country will be excluded from partaking in all basic functions of society, including buying and selling. Germany has also just announced that they will be entering a national lockdown, imposed very strictly on their unvaccinated population (see here). At the same time, India, which has the world's largest population, has recently passed a new law prohibiting anyone from buying fuel and food unless they can show proof of vaccination (see here).

Of course, if you've been following this blog than you shouldn't be surprised to learn that "no jab, no job" laws are cropping up in the UK, Canada, and Australia, where segregation and loss of human freedom is now the new norm. In New Zealand, however, these latest set of laws have taken a sharp turn for the worst, as Kiwis (New Zealanders) are now being prohibited from attending all "faith-based gatherings" (Churches) unless they can show proof of vaccination (see here).

But make no mistake, the US isn't too far behind on any of these new and unraveling set of restrictions. And to be sure of this, President Biden just announced his plan to further tighten travel regulations in the US in response to the new "omicron" COVID variant, whilst not ruling out the "possibility" of diving into mandatory vaccination with the rest of the world (see here and here).

The obvious fact is that the Beast system has officially arrived and the world's citizens are being plunged into the terrifying reality of the antichrist's reign. Are you ready for what's ahead?! The purpose of this blog is to ensure that you can be by offering useful guidance for physical and spiritual preparedness designed to equip you for the days ahead.

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