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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Dear Friends,

I am writing the following warning with the hope that you will consider it seriously and pass it on to others.

Molly's Dream

Just before our son Nathaniel was born in the fall of 2012, my wife Molly received a prophetic dream. In her dream, she heard the announcement that the New World Order would commence on September 28. Actually, it was relayed to her this way in the dream, "September 28, the New World Order begins." No year was given, only the month and day. Afterwards, she recalls sitting up in bed and thinking, wow, things will never be the same again. And that was the end of the dream. At that time, we shared the dream with only a few of our friends, some of which had been experiencing similar dreams from as far back as 2009. Well, when September 28, 2012 rolled around shortly after and nothing happened, we were suspicious that the dream was meaningless. Obviously, not all dreams hold prophetic significance. Yet we never forgot it or the date given in the dream and every subsequent September we were on mild alert just in case.

During the summer of 2015, we stumbled across John Hagee's dateline interview with FOX concerning the blood moon tetrad that began April 15th of 2014 and culminated on September 28th 2015 (see here). Hagee made a big deal of the prophetic significance of the blood-moon tetrad and what this meant for the world and we were convinced he was right (though we do not follow his ministry or endorse it). Of Course, a blood moon is a biblical sign of impending judgment and we are told to look for it as a precursor to the Second Coming of Christ (Luke 21:25; Acts 2:19-20). When that date, along with my wife's dream, and the blood moon showed up on our radar, we mentally prepared ourselves for the worst. But as you well know, not much in terms of an earth shattering event occurred in September of 2015. And yet, many things did occur. Like the visit by Pope Francis to America which took place between September 25-28. This was significant for several reasons. First, he was the very first Pope to be elected from the Jesuit Order, making him the only Jesuit pope in history. And if you know anything at all about the Jesuits, then this event should concern you (more about this later). Second, he became the first Pope EVER to speak to Congress at the U.S. Capitol. And third, he was set to speak before the LARGEST EVER gathering of world leaders in UN history, which met in New York to commemorate the UN's seventieth anniversary (see here).

The Pope is the Antichrist

All of the events just described were very significant to us because of the fact that we feel the Pope is the antichrist. I will explain why shortly. But first, you should know that for decades the media has fostered a false image of the antichrist. Think about the blockbuster "Left Behind" movie and novel series, all of which depict the antichrist as a young charismatic man who speaks eloquently and becomes instantly popular with the masses. This false image is meant to train us to look for the wrong man so we don’t notice the real antichrist. It is meant to divert our attention from looking right where we need to.

But what does the Bible say concerning the identity of the antichrist and the timing of his appearance? This is a very important question. According to Daniel 2 and 7, the antichrist would arise out of the fourth and final beast (Rome) and CONTINUE (from Rome's inception) until the very END of time. This fact is very often overlooked, but it provides the most powerful clue for accurately identifying the antichrist. So now that we know this, what political office do you suppose arose out of Rome and continues with us until this present day? The answer to this is pretty simple. There is only one office that arose out of Rome and still exists today. It is the office of Pope or the papal office. How inconspicuous right? Who would suspect an old bent over man of being the antichrist? Also, there have been so many popes over the course of hundreds of years since Miltiades (311 AD) that they are simply common place to our way of thinking. Yet this is what Daniel said would happen. The antichrist would arise out of the last beast (Rome) and continue until the end. Only the papal office has persisted in this way for so many hundreds of years.

Also, the Bible tells us that the antichrist would change "times and seasons" and that he would speak great words of blasphemy against the Most High (Dan 7:25). Once again, the pope scores perfectly. Pope Gregory was responsible for giving us the current Gregorian calendar and setting time according to the Roman method, not the Biblical calendar. Furthermore, all of the Popes claim to be the "Vicar of Christ", meaning instead of Christ or in place of Christ. To be viewed as a Christ substitute is rank blasphemy and fits the prediction of Daniel 7:25. And would it surprise you to learn that the word “antichrist” in the original Greek means exactly that, "instead of Christ" (see here and here).

But just how popular are the popes and do they really hold any political clout? Few realize how popular popes are in terms of their global audience and religious adherents. The pope is the leader of approximately 1.2 billion Catholics world wide, all of whom regard him as the Christ substitute on earth. Another interesting fact is that Pope John Paul II enjoyed the largest funeral EVER in recorded history? His funeral was attended by almost every president, prime minister, monarch, and politician the world over. And those who attended BOWED before his coffin, including George W. Bush. Please watch the documentary called "Two Beasts Become Friends" to see this for yourself.

According to Walter Veith, the early Protestant reformers believed that the final Pope (antichrist) would be a Jesuit. These sentiments were strong because the Jesuits were the Catholic Church's militant arm responsible for the slaughter of thousands of Christians who defected from the "Mother" Church during the 1500's. Well, when Pope Francis was elected as the new pope in 2013, he was literally the first Jesuit pope ever to be elected. Then Frances became the first Pope ever to address Congress in America. And the first pope ever to address the largest gathering of world leaders at the UN. And now he is the first pope ever to address the 2017 NFL Superbowl event on the jumbo screen TV.

It is amazing that America is fulfilling Bible prophecy by pushing the pope to global prominence and setting him up as the new spiritual leader. Because according to Revelation 13, the second beast (America) coming up out of the land (an uninhabited region of the world) forces the world to worship the first beast (Rome) coming out of the sea (the civilized ancient world territory).

Also, what's very significant, and not very well known, is that when these world leaders came together in NY with Pope Francis on September 25-28 of 2015, they also officially announced the start of the "New World Order". You could see this for yourself in my documentary called, "The Convergence" by cutting to the 2:42 mark in the video. But I recommend watching the whole thing through very slowly and carefully. Moreover, to really understand this issue and to gain an appreciation for how close we are to the end, I would start by watching my Youtube video on the history of the Jesuits (here), followed by my video documentary series called “Rome in Bible Prophecy”, which covers the identity of the Harlot (Babylon) and the antichrist. Once the foundation for this issue is laid, you should certainly consider viewing Walter Veith's prophecy documentary called, "Two Beasts Become Friends".

Note: To learn more about the identity of the antichrist, please read my full article on this subject by clicking here.

My Dream

Back in September of 2015, I had a vivid dream in which I saw the weather begin to turn violent and unpredictable. The dream was brief but left a strong impression with me. At the time, we had been enjoying beautiful sunny weather in PA for about a month. The mornings were clear and brilliant. There was a lake just down the road from us and also a little bridge peering over the creek that flowed out of the lake. We were blessed to enjoy such peaceful surroundings. Anyway, in my dream, I was peering over the bridge at the sparkling stream below while the sunshine shimmered through the leaves of the nearby trees. All was peaceful and tranquil. An older gentleman to my right was doing the same. I turned to him and commented with strange prophetic confidence that while we were enjoying this beautiful scene, it could disappear at any moment and we would begin to see powerful changes in the weather and environment. As if on cue, a furious storm dropped upon us out of nowhere and I was running up the hill and into a pile of giant boulders for shelter. In my dream, my brother appeared next to me and was running up the mountain and into the shelter of the boulders. And then I awoke.

Less than a month later, in October, America started to get those awfully odd "1 in 1000 year" storm events involving epic flooding. South Carolina was the first to experience this (see here and here). Thereafter, all kinds of bizarre weather events, including mass animal die-offs have been unfolding around the world. The very latest one this year (Jan. 2017) involved three of the world's continents, North America, Africa, and Europe experiencing the worst winter storms ever, simultaneously! This is the first time in recorded history that such weather events have occurred over so much of the world at the same time. I document this in "The Convergence".

Note: I will be producing a new documentary on the weather soon.

Obama, Trump, & Hillary Clinton

Since 1993, a prophecy has circulated in the Russian Pentecostal community about Hillary Clinton becoming the last president in America and that during her term great persecution of American Christians would transpire. In the elections of 2016, it looked most possible that this prophecy would be fulfilled. However, all of a sudden and unexpectedly, Trump took office as president.

But this was not a mistake. It was pre-planed, intentional, and well calculated. In fact, the elite group of global leaders at the Vatican knew about this as early as March of 2000 and televised it in a Simpsons episode that very year, which featured Trump as president and then Hillary taking office after him. The elites usually like to "show their cards" well in advance and use the television/entertainment industry to do so. This Simpsons episode, called "Bart to the Future", is included in my documentary "The Convergence" so you can see it for yourself.

You see, Obama's administration proved crucial for preparing the way for these events. His administration, unlike any before it, polarized the Christian element in America and caused them to scream for change as they were watching Obama's sweeping liberal reforms destabilize the country and plunge us into the abyss of immorality. After all, remember how he transformed America back in June of 2015 with his pro-homosexual laws, and then again in 2016 with the transgender bathroom laws. This was all staged to prepare the way for Trump to appear as America's great "savior" and "knight in shining armor". Well, it worked flawlessly, American Christians are now convinced that Trump is the new "Cyrus" and will bring America back to God.

But meanwhile, with so much public confidence and support thrown behind him by the Christians of America, Trump is stealthily and yet deliberately working for the Vatican in preparation to bring America under the complete power of the Roman Catholic Church. After all, don't forget, Trump is a Jesuit educated Roman Catholic himself. I provide plenty of strong evidence to back this up in "The Convergence".

Evidence of the Coming Persecution

In my documentary, "The Convergence", I have included a shocking speech by Tony Palmer, the Vatican's “peace” delegate to the Protestant churches of America. You will hear him make some pretty incredible statements about the Protestant Reformation being over and that we "Christians" are now all Catholics once again. He preaches this message at Kenneth Copeland's Charismatic church in Texas and has Copeland's full support behind him. But what's most shocking are his sentiments toward conservative Christians like us who uphold Bible doctrine and believe that women should wear a head covering and not appear nude at beaches. He brands us as legalists "who don't really love Jesus". Yes, it's true! And his words are not to be taken lightly. Tony has served three popes faithfully, John Paul II, Benedict, and Pope Francis. He is a very staunch Roman Catholic and a very "intimate" friend of Pope Francis. He was instrumental in producing several documents that were jointly signed by the Vatican and the Protestant evangelicals of America back in '14. (please watch "Rome's Ecumenical Agenda: Healing the Antichrist Wound”)

So would it surprise you to learn that Kenneth Copeland is one of Trump's "religious advisers"? In fact, he laid hands on Trump and prayed over him before he became president. Furthermore, did you know that Trump is the only U.S president EVER to rely on a religious advisory board (or prelate) comprised of Catholic and Protestant clergymen? Do you understand why this is significant? What's more, he has recently vowed to eradicate the separation of Church and state enshrined in our constitution. One has to wonder about what "church" and what "state". Trump has produced a video praising the Catholic Church and is determined to "make us all Catholic once again", along with Copeland and Tony Palmer. Trump, Palmer, and Copeland are firmly involved in bringing about the global ECUMENICAL religion, which is a modern re-branding of Catholicism.

Unfortunately, anyone who gets in their way, like you and I, will be persecuted!

IMPORTANT!!! To learn more about these prophetic events and to read the Bible passages long ago predicting them, please refer to my article series on prophecy located on our website: I also provide detailed information in respect to the rapture, the "mark of the beast", and many other important issues that are transpiring in our daily headlines.

So What Should We Do?

We should pay close attention to the warnings because we are definitely much closer to the end than what we realize. I believe it’s time for the Church to wake up, get close to God (pray continually), repent of sin, and immerse fully in God's Word. It is time to examine everything we believe in, critically, and to be sure we are truly in line with the Bible in all we believe.

I hope you will take this warning seriously.

Lord bless you,

John A.

LATEST UPDATE (Oct. 31 2017 Reformation Day)

Many of you may not realize that a very important event between Rome and the Protestant world played out beneath our very noses this past reformation day (October 31). Kairos 2017 was a historic ecumenical gathering that took place in Kansas City, Missouri this past fall commemorating the 500th year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. At this event, Catholic and Protestant leaders met together to sign unity statements officially ending the “protest” and repairing the schism between the Catholic church and the Protestants. The antichrist wound (initiated by the Protestant Reformation of 1517) has been healed! Please watch "Rome's Ecumenical Agenda: Healing the Antichrist Wound” to see this for yourself.

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