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Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Is it a sin to get COVID vaccinated? What does the Bible say? As countries around the globe adopt laws that force their citizens to get vaccinated, the question of whether or not the Bible condemns taking the COVID shot is an urgent one. The best way to answer this is by examining both the physical and spiritual implications of the current vaccine and then to look at some key Scriptures that relate to the matter.

So let's deal with the physical aspect of the vaccine first. Is the COVID jab good for our health? This question was sufficiently addressed in several of my previous blog posts in which I provided plenty of evidence to demonstrate how the COVID shot was nothing more than a bioweapon aimed at reducing the world's population in keeping with the globalist agenda (see here, here, here, and here). Now if the vaccine is truly a serious threat to our health then taking it would be no different than dosing our bodies with poison. Christians avoid cigarettes and regard the habit of smoking as sinful because we believe in the sanctity of life (Prov. 24:11-12). We believe that our bodies are God's temple and that we are to be good stewards with the single life God has given us by adequately caring for our health (1 Cor. 6:15-20, 3 Jn 1:2). We also believe it is wrong to "tempt" God by deliberately engaging in reckless activities that could jeopardize our life and lead to our demise (Mat. 4:1-7). And therefore Christians are firmly opposed to suicide and view it as self murder, which is a serious sin.

But some believe that if the government would force us to take the COVID shot by mandating the vaccine, then God would excuse us for jeopardizing our life. To support this view they quote Jesus in Mark 16:18, where He said that if we drink any deadly poison it will not harm us, forgetting that this was in the context of evangelism and meant to be a supernatural sign to unbelievers. And then they go on to quote Christ in Matthew 16:25, where He said that those who seek to save their life will lose it, attempting to suggest that all self-preservation is sinful. But again, they forget that the context of this verse is martyrdom, not death by recklessness.

The second reason why Christians should avoid taking the COVID shot has to do with our religious or spiritual objection to it. It is a fact that human cells obtained from aborted babies were used in the research and development of the COVID vaccine (see here). As Christians, we view abortion as murder, and anything that supports it or profits from it is fundamentally wrong, and therefore to be avoided.

The third and final reason why we should reject the COVID vaccine is because of how closely it parallels the mark of the beast in Revelation 13, especially as it becomes increasingly more conditional to the provision of buying and selling (see here). We should never make the reckless assumption that this vaccine may not eventually become the mark of the beast through certain technological advancements (see here).

So even if we are forced to take the vaccine, we should not willingly consent to it. Instead, we should emulate the example of Daniel who resisted the king's mandate to bow to the statue realizing that it would cost him his life (Dan. 3). Let the government pass any mandate they wish. Let them physically hold us down and jab us in the arm if so they must, but let us determine to resist this vaccine as if our souls depended on it, because it may very well be so in the not so distant future....

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