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Updated: Oct 23, 2022

3/13/2013 Pope Francis becomes the first Jesuit pope in history and why that's a big deal

The Jesuits are the most powerful religious order in world history (see here).

1/18/2015 Pope Francis holds largest mass in Catholic history

More than 6 million Catholic faithful gathered to participate in Manilla.

9/24/2015 Pope delivers speech to US Congress

This marked the first time a pope spoke at a congressional meeting on Capitol Hill.

9/25/2015 Pope becomes the most highly honored keynote speaker at the UN's largest gathering of world leaders in history

1/15/2016 Pope Francis meets with Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the Vatican to discuss ways Google and Francis can partner in global change

1/22/2016 Pope Francis meets with Apple CEO Tim Cook

2/12/2016 Pope Francis meets with the patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Church to repair 1000 year schism between Catholics and Eastern Orthodox

This event was dubbed as an extremely historic event by mainstream media. No other pope was able to achieve anything like it.

5/21/2016 Pope Francis meets world's top Youtubers to discuss how they can effect change and influence world peace

6/7/2016 Pope Francis Joins Lecrae & Hillsong at Historic 1 Million-Strong "Together 2016" DC event, an ecumenical Catholic/Protestant gathering

Obama sends his blessings and prayers from the White House.

8/29/2016 Pope Francis and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg hold a private meeting

9/7/2016 Pope Francis to address gathering of world’s wealthiest and most famous

This historic gathering at the Vatican included the world's top 500 CEOs and Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.

2/5/2017 Pope Francis sends a message of peace and solidarity to millions of NFL fans from the jumbo screen TVs of the Super Bowl

11/27/2017 Pope Francis releases a progressive rock and roll album titled Pope Francis Wake Up! Music Album with His Words and Prayers

This rock album features the pope's words and prayers and is meant to help the world's youth identify with their new Catholic leader. An album like this is unprecedented and marks the first time in history that any pope has taken such a strident step to attract secular appeal.

5/31/2018 "Pope Francis: A Man of His Word" debuts in theaters around the world. A film featuring pope Francis as a global "peace maker"

2/3/2019 Pope Francis makes ‘historic’ gulf tour amid Yemen crisis and Christian repression "Pope Francis became the first pontiff to visit the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam, as he arrived on Sunday in the United Arab Emirates. Even for a nation known for its excesses, the Emiratis’ red-carpet welcome was truly remarkable. The pontiff was welcomed with a lavish military parade. Officers fired 21 shots in the air, while jets flew overhead leaving white and yellow trails – the colors of the Vatican City flag. The pope’s highly publicized 48-hour visit to the United Arab Emirates will also include an open-air mass on Tuesday for 135,000 of the Muslim country’s million Catholic residents, set to be the largest public gathering in the country’s history" (see here).

5/7/2019 Pope Francis makes history in North Macedonia

"Pope Francis wrote a new chapter in the history of the church today by being the first pope ever to visit North Macedonia and the first to celebrate Mass in this country, almost certainly the largest ever held in this land" (see here).

5/12/2020 In partnership with the world's wealthiest, Pope Francis creates Francesco's Economy (named after himself). This "New World Economy" seeks to shape and control the post pandemic global economy. Some of the top organizations represented in this partnership include the Rockefellers and Rothschilds (see here and here).

Note: This is perhaps the most telling point in connection to the pope's role as antichrist (see here). Only the man in control of the world's economy can enforce economic restrictions related to buying and selling as we read of in Revelation 13.


This post was created to showcase the power and influence that pope Francis wields over the world's religious, political, and economic affairs. None but the Roman Catholic pontiff so perfectly fulfills the biblical role of antichrist, as amply demonstrated here, here, and here or in the videos below:

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